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A Sanctuary for Intense Gifted Adults

About Us

We are a community of intense gifted adults who are on the move. We are outliers who understand the power of community and connection. 

Why You Should Join Us

Joining the Someone Gets Me Community allows you to connect with a community of like minded peers. I want your experience here to be amazing and have impact in your daily life. There are 3 primary outcomes I would like you to receive:

  1. To connect with other gifted adults who may be twice-exceptional or have overexcitabilities without social media eavesdropping.
  2. Engage in exclusive conversation about the real issues facing gifted adults in today's landscape of confusion and turbulence.
  3. Access to awesome content that support your development of Joy and success in living your vision on purpose. 

Please stay awhile and share your presence. You are valued. Someone Gets You!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being part of this community of gifted adults. We are the outliers who are taking action for the benefit of all. 


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